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Tim Miller Music Lessons offers members the opportunity to explore musical concepts ranging from fundamental to advanced approaches and techniques. Bring out new dimensions in your personal musical growth through 450+ video lesson library, new weekly Video Lesson, Line of the Week library, new weekly Line of the Week video, Learning Tracks and Community. 

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2-1-1 Melodic Cells


Features of Tim Miller Music Lessons

Placeholder ImageShape your personal development by targeting specific techniques and concepts in 1-, 2- or 3-part lessons.  

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Placeholder ImageTim Miller Music Lessons' Courses are designed to give you an in-depth study of a variety of concepts. Easily monitor your progress through courses which feature video series ranging from 4- to 12- part video lessons. Choose from 35 courses of study!


Placeholder ImageEach week, expand your vocabulary and build your technique with a new Line of the Week video! Review the library of Line of the Week videos for inspiration!


Lessons A to Z presents an alphabetical list of all the videos available to members!  Search for a specific topic or browse the catalogue of over 400 videos!

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Learning Tracks is a feature of Tim Miller Music Lessons that guides members through a series of individual lessons and courses to build specific skills.

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